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Rooftop bar Madrid The MARMO terrace at Hotel Silken Puerta de América in Madrid Rooftop bar Madrid The MARMO terrace at Hotel Silken Puerta de América in Madrid
The MARMO Terrace
From this rooftop bar in Madrid you get a wonderful panoramic view of the skyline. The roof terrace has a cool design on both the bar and interior...
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Rooftop bar Madrid La Terraza del Ada in Madrid Rooftop bar Madrid La Terraza del Ada in Madrid
La Terraza del Ada
A very stylish and modern rooftop bar located in the center of Madrid on the famous Gran Via. From the terrace you get a spectacular view of the...
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Rooftop bar Madrid Ático de las Letras at Hotel de las Letras in Madrid Rooftop bar Madrid Ático de las Letras at Hotel de las Letras in Madrid
Ático de las Letras at Hotel
de las Letras
A rooftop bar in Madrid located on the 7th floor of the hotel with stunning views of the capital. It offers a selection...
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Rooftop bar Madrid

Rooftop-grade: 8/10
Prime season: March-Oct
Residents: 6 millions
Climate: mediterranean continental

The climate is pleasant all year round, except for 1-2 months in the winter. So the rooftop bars in Madrid can be visited almost all year round. Rooftop bars in Madrid are often located on the roof of some hotels and with magnificent views of the city and its surroundings. When you don´t enjoy cava and beer at one of the rooftop bars in Madrid you should watch some soccer, preferably the team Real Madrid who plays at the Santiago Bernabeu. The stadium is located right in the city center and here you can watch some of the best soccer matches in the whole world. If you want to get the most out of your stay in Madrid, you should visit one of the city's rooftop bars in the day, followed by a Real Madrid game and finally a good tapas dinner in the older areas of the city. Almost all rooftop bars in Madrid are located down in the city center within walking distance from the terraces. Most adjacent to the graceful main street Gran Via. Although the roof terraces are quite close to each other, the view here can differ pretty much. There is a good range of roof terraces in Madrid, but given the city's size and climate, then it should be more nice ones, one might think. Given the interest in rooftop bars we would not be surprised if it turns up a lot of new rooftop bars in Madrid in the near future. At our website you will find the best ones.

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About Madrid

Madrid is Spain's biggest and the EU's third largest city. The city is also the capital of Spain and the financial and cultural center. Madrid is packed with small bars and cozy restaurants with tapas of the highest class.

Food, drink and party on rooftop bars in Madrid

Madrid is a city with lots of restaurants and bars that have a fantastic wide and good selection of various food and drinks. The same applies to the rooftop bars in Madrid. In addition to classic cocktails you can find lots of nice wine, cava or beer on the roof terraces here. As for food, it is very clear that tapas dominate. In Madrid, one can eat authentic tapas made in an authentic Spanish way. For those who like party, the rooftop bars in Madrid is not that particular party friendly. Here you can relax more and enjoy the view and the good food and drinks. If you want to party, it is better to do it at one of the city's nightclubs after you have been on the roof terraces.

Alltitude and views from the rooftop bars in Madrid

Madrid is built in a classic European way, with a fairly dispersed and low construction center. Despite this, one can get absolutely stunning views from many of the roof terraces here. Some of the rooftop bars in Madrid has outstanding 360-degree view while others have a little less grand views over the city's rooftops. For those who like rooftop swimming pools in Madrid, there is a really good one here. Up on the La Terrazza Oscar you can swim to the views of Madrid's skyline.

Other attractions in Madrid

When you get some free time over between visiting the rooftop bars in Madrid, there is a lot of fun and interesting things to do in Madrid. The very best is to stroll around the city's streets and visit all the small cozy cafes and bars. Grab a cup of coffee or a beer and some tapas in each place you visit to get the most comfortable experience. If you want to be a little more cultural, you can visit any of the city's museum, such as the Prado Museum, where you can find fantastic art from some of the world's most famous artists. As in most other big cities, there's also a good selection of shopping with an entire street where you can find all the big brand stores. There is also a large urban park - Retiro - which is great to go to if you want a bit of harmony and relaxation.

Rooftop pools in Madrid

Despite its warm climate and relatively large amount of rooftop bars, there is unfortunately not a huge variety of rooftop swimming pools in Madrid. The few rooftop swimming pools available in Madrid is however of very high class. From the roof terraces swimming pools you get quite magical views of Madrid's skyline and surroundings. If you want to get an extraordinary rooftop experience in Madrid you should book hotel where there is a rooftop pool. With us you will find the best prices and offers on the market when it comes to hotels in Madrid. Do not miss the chance to experience the luxury with a rooftop pool.

Flights and hotels in Madrid

Madrid Barajas Airport is about 20 minutes by taxi from the city center, making it easy to get here. A lot of flights from Europe land here every day while it's not quite as much air traffic from other continents. In Madrid there are plenty of good hotels. Both for those who want super luxury or a bit simpler and cheaper alternative. Many tourists who come to Madrid are here to watch football, so hotels near the arena Bernabeu usually are very popular. Some of the city's hotels are equipped with nice rooftop bars that can be used by both hotel guests and visitors.